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B L A C K I S B A C K | JANUARY 2015

Fucking Melvin



Tumblr has found its voice, and its name is Melvin.


everyone wanted to be a sailor scout when they were little and we all turned into Melvin

Lee tripping on his robe  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Denied surfing Pana, noo! I do think he had more screen time in Ep 4 than 3 & he was a cutie being sneaky. My fave is still Ep 2... Pana's blue tank & lil' red shorts :) But nevermind that, MAORI WOLVERINE! My body is ready for that shit. I totally noticed his Instagram is public again & it is an embarrassment of riches, lol. That pic of his hongi w/ the horse statue... too fucking perfect, ha! Can't tell if he's aware how much of a kick fans got out of the horse nuzzling Nasir in WOTD. -figbash

haha, yep, his instagram is a funny place lol :D I never understood why he made it private and then said everyone is free to follow him there!? why make it private in the first place? Anyways, it’s public again but I still don’t know if it’s ok to post the pics here though..

Maori Wolverine?? hahaha perfect! :D He also posted two pics yesterday on his twitter, the hair is ridic lol <3

After the post on the facebook page of the brokenwood mysteries with his face and all I thought that would be a big ep for him, but the scene we saw on the pic wasn’t even in the ep?? or did I miss that? idk, weird :(

btw, tonight is a special premiere for the dead lands in auckland, and pana is currently filming in auckland, maybe he has time to go? I hope so, but I heard they are filming night scenes recently and that would mean he is busy. I would love to see him going to a premiere, the only one he ever attended (as far as I’m aware of) is the one for the most fun you can have dying. The Spartacus premieres were all in LA I believe, imagine how awesome it would have been to see him together with the rest of the sparty cast :’(

but I’m rambling.. thanks for the message. <3

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I feel guilty when I walk out the bookshop without buying anything but I also feel guilty when I walk out with 5 books do you see my problem?

and everything inside me screams for just one more kiss, one more word, one more glance, one more

Pana as Jared Morehu in The Brokenwood Mysteries Episode 4: Hunting the Stag

I was so excited about this and no surfing? I remember he complaining about the cold in the shooting at instagram. Do we…
his first appearance was after an hour lol and no, his screentime was very limited. maybe even shorter than last week? idk, kind of disappointed. But I will definitely trying to gif as much as possible.

i just finished episode 4 of brokenwood mysteries and no, there was not a scene with pana surfing (why was he even shooting that??) and in general there were only a few pana scenes and most of them were pretty dark, so I don’t know how the gifs will turn out.. still have to wait for the download to finish though.

watch it here X


things you should be worried about with the new tv adaptation of the mortal instruments:

1. downplaying and/or erasing the canonical importance of alec’s queerness to his character arc 

2. whitewashing of raphael, magnus, maia etc.

3. trying to pass off magnus as gay when he’s canonically bisexual 

things you shouldn’t be (as) worried about with the new tv adaptation of the mortal instruments:

1. whether clary’s hair is the “right” shade of red