L i f e is suffering.  It is hard.  The world is  c u r s e d.  But still, you find reasons to  k e e p  living.” 

Pana as Jared Moreuh in The Brokenwood Mysteries Episode 1: Blood and Water

Vase of Flowers and Conch Shell (detail), Anne Vallayer-Coster.

"We"? No, I’ll fix it. You stay here, collect a paycheck.


YA MEME [1/?] Book or Series

“I wanted so badly for there to be more. I ached for there to be more than my crappy little life.’ He shakes his head. ‘And there was more. I just couldn’t see it.” 

More Than This, by Patrick Ness

You should really pay attention, you might learn something.

Marvel’s Star Wars